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“Thanks for your hospitality and guidance over the last 4 days. You always impress me with your insight and your passion for helping other people – given that that is also something close to my heart it is inspiring to see someone actually doing it! You have helped me a lot over the last couple of years with your advice and your backing. You have given me confidence to grow in new areas and have promoted my credibility by supporting me within the business and in some of my “wilder” ideas (like the communication workshop). Thank you for this and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Gijs is a good listener and makes sharp analyses. He helped me to define my next steps by making me more aware of my strengths and making me define my opportunities. He also gave me tips to attain more with less effort. Gijs is not only a great coach. He gives you great confidence and gives you advises that immediately place you “en route”.”

“My coach is Gijs. I am extremely enthusiastic about my sessions with him. Reasons: he actively participates. He has an opinion about me and my ways of operating. He gives concrete advise or homework. Especially his concrete suggestions have brought me further. Very useful.” 

“Gijs ten Kate is a perfect coach…he helps to see you things in a different way and gives you perfectly small assignments for yourself…A really passionate coach that loves helping people to move ahead a cross psychological border. I am really happy to have had the opportunity to meet him….he’s a great writer too and feel that I might also be a very good guest speaker in one of the next MYLP courses. (wrote a really interesting book which I feel everybody should read…Stabiel Leiderschap)” 

“Gijs is experienced and helps me to get the puzzle clear. He perfectly knows how to stretch me, make me think about situations and point out areas of development. Next to that he wins trust very easily. I can be open with Gijs; actions are subtle without causing too much “change” to my normal activity, and are mainly geared to how I “feel” in certain situations. I have been very pleased with the progress since the last coaching session, personal feelings towards working are in check.”

“If a sailor loses the tiller and lets the sails flap in the wind and the boat drift wherever  the currents take it, it is not called freedom – it is called drifting. Freedom means taking the helm and sailing toward the chosen destination.”
(Matthieu Ricard)

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