My approach

My consultancy and coaching practice is based on the deep felt wish to help people. As a director and partner in business, as a coach in theatre, sports and business and as a strategy consultant I have learned to expect the unexpected and to discover ways for my clients to overcome their fears, stay focused and experience real empowerment.

For team building, organizational development and leadership development I have a tool box of tailor made workshops dedicated to focus, overcoming fear and to enable personal and group transformation.

I think that personal coaching makes no sense if there’s no need for some kind of personal transformation. And personal transformation will not happen if there’s no personal commitment. My coaching practice is confronting and caring, asking and sharing, depending on the needs and circumstances of the coachee, but it is always personal, mutually committed and result oriented. My coaching conversations take as long as necessary and I’m available in between sessions for feed back on urgent questions. It’s always an intense process that leads to new discoveries, and we always have a lot of fun.

My personal coaching is based on the Human Givens method (;

My board room consultancy is based on confidential 1-to-1 conversations, supported by Insights Discovery Profiles (

My advice to organizations is based on the insights that emerge from activities as mentioned above. Our workshops are held in the Dordogne in France where my wife and I run a 400 year old  ‘domaine’. This inspirational environment helps facilitate individual and group transformational retreats immersed in beauty, nature and history.

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